Own your

VeVerse makes it possible for web3 communities and brands to own a whole Metaverse, a virtual world, a multiplayer game or experience, a part of an interconnected Multiverse.

Your Metaverse

Create, publish and sell experiences, games, and assets as NFT to receive lifetime royalties from all future sales and in-game revenues
Buy a whole virtual world, a multiplayer game, an experience inside the multiverse as NFT, and receive future in-game revenues.
Explore an endless multiverse with friends, play games you like, and curate your personal collection of favorite experiences
Own a game as a community of players by forming a DAO to control future releases and features, fund development, and grow your worlds ecosystem utilizing in-game DAO governance tooling

It can be anything

And It can be anything
Play Battle Royale, Shooter Games, Racing, Strategy, Arcade, Escape Rooms, Quests, and more. Or build your own - templates make it easy to create games with VeVerse in UE4. VeVerse SDK comes with multiplayer interoperable avatars, voice and text communications, interaction framework, NFT inventories, and web3 API.
Galleries and museums
Build a virtual museum to display your 2d and 3d animated NFT objects. Let everyone explore your collection, immersively browse and buy your NFT assets. Host virtual events or guided tours, auctions, and art fairs.
Galleries and museums
An Educational Experience
An Educational Experience
Build educational experiences for institutions and schools. Let student groups explore virtual worlds and interact with visual aids. Learn something new in an immersive and interactive manner. Set up lectures with interactive visual examples.
A virtual tourism destination
Recreate real-world places to allow people to visit museums and significant geographic sites in virtual reality for people who cannot visit them in the real world.
A virtual tourism destination

Bringing everyone onboard

VeVerse chain agnostic web3 API and non-custodial wallet bring everyone to the table introducing a new era of collaboration and interoperability between different ecosystems
Bringing everyone onboard

The power
of VeVerse

Use one of the pre-made templates to create your unique multiplayer experience and publish it in a few clicks
VeVerse SDK for Unreal Engine makes it possible to create a unique experiences, virtual worlds, multiplayer, and P2E games or even your own Metaverse, and publish it as an NFT
All the worlds in VeVerse are connected through portals, forming an infinite Galaxy of worlds, created, owned and governed by a diverse community of players, creators, and DAOs
Your world will be almost instantly built in the cloud, making it available for all the main desktop, VR and mobile platforms

Use Unreal Engine and VeVerse SDK to build multiplayer worlds

Create anything - realistic high quality experiences, immersive games
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Unreal Engine
Impossibility Labs
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Goals for 2025

Goals for 2025
The metaverse has the potential to become a multi-trillion-dollar part of the world economy.
The market opportunity for bringing the Metaverse to life may be worth over $1 trillion in annual revenue and may compete with Web 2.0 companies worth ~$15 trillion in market value today.
Cathie Wood agrees. Asked on CNBC whether she thinks the metaverse can become a multitrillion-dollar market, Wood said: "We do."