VeVerse Recieves a Development Grant from Polygon

We are excited to announce that we have secured a development grant from Polygon and support from its partners Certik, Infura, and Tatum. Polygon DAO provides budding Web3 startups in DeFi, NFT, Gaming, and Metaverse with shared grants to assist their growth. It gives partners access to projects in the Polygon ecosystem to drive their adoption rates. We are grateful to Polygon DAO as the grant will provide us with more opportunities to develop our project.

VeVerse core audience is casual users and creators new to the world of blockchain, crypto, and Web3. We seek to provide everybody with an easy-to-use toolset to build scalable Web3 worlds, create and trade NFTs, and utilize P2E economies. We chose Polygon to trust our tokenomics as it is one of the most popular, powerful, and user-friendly blockchain networks offering true decentralization and top-tier security. Polygon has become the industry leader because it gives developers the ability to modify the scale of decentralized apps and customize their set of features. The latter greatly enhances the user experience. VeVerse has recently received a development grant from Polygon DAO which will greatly assist us on the path to developing the best Metaverse experience. 

August 31st, 2022. When VeVerse launches, Polygon will be its main blockchain network. VeVerse denizens will be able to trade their assets, worlds, and metaverses as NFTs with other network users on the Polygon blockchain, and, eventually, on other EVM-compatible networks. As we are developing VeVerse to become the leading platform for publishing metaverses, the trading functionality is one of the key features for us. Most notably, the grant will help us deploy smart contracts on the Polygon network and conduct audits of smart contracts beforehand.

Upon release, Polygon will be our primary blockchain platform. VeVerse users will be able to:

  • mint assets, worlds, and entire metaverses as NFTs on Polygon;
  • log in to the VeVerse ecosystem with their wallet;
  • retrieve their assets and balances;
  • use NFT assets from their wallet;

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